Following the promotion of a UK website which “exposes cheating boyfriends” so that other women don’t date them, RAEL and the International Raelian Movement decided to launch the opposite of such a site:, which will promote, yes, infidelity!!

These UK womens' sad website is more proof of the damage of centuries of religious indoctrination. There are many scientific studies which prove that “fidelity” does not exist in nature except in a few cases – and it is always genetic – and that men and women are created to have multiple partners during their lives. It’s another way western religion has influenced society to make all people the same when in actuality we are created, genetically, very different.

Ask most sociologists and they well confirm that the concept of “fidelity and family” has failed throughout history and that the “nostalgic family values” are an illusion.

We are all genetically programmed to experience pleasure. You cannot name one thing which you don’t do for pleasure! As long as one is not harming another person, do as you wish. This new website goes hand in hand with all the other “infidel” ideals of the Raelian Philosophy which teach people to be as different from each other as possible, to question authority, always choosing nonviolence. People will always fight over faith. You never see scientists starting wars. The remedy for faith: science! And science tells us that sexuality, fidelity, promiscuity are all genetic.

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